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      Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.


      Sustainable development is the only way for any enterprise's long-term development;
      In the production and operation activities of Jietongda, we always adhere to the sustainable development strategy, build an HSE management system that meets the status quo of the enterprise, and actively build a green ecological modern chemical company

      Environmental protection

      Green water and green mountains are longterm wealth for us.
      Jietonda firmly implements the sustainable development strategy, abides by national and local laws and regulations, continuously reduce the impact of production and operation activities on the environment, and achieves the goal of environmental protection by continuously reducing the waste gas,waste water and residues and effectively using energy.

      Occupational Health

      Employee health is the wealth of our company
      We establish an occupational health and safety management system, eliminate or reduce occupational health and safety risks that employees or other related parties may face due to production activities, and implement, maintain and continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system.


      We believe that "safety is the foundation of enterprise survival". In business operations, we put safety management in a prominent position, establish safety first, preventive, and comprehensive management of the concept of safe production. The platform draws on the safety management experience of excellent chemical companies at home and abroad, and builds a safety management system in line with the characteristics of Jietonda.


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      Add: 15 Li Dun, North Outskirts of Luan City, Anhui, P, R, China  P.C.:237158
      Tel: +86-564-3711165 , +86-564-3711777
      Fax: +86-564-3711167 E-mail: jietonda@jietondachem.com

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