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      Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.

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      Evonik opens new coatings application technology laboratory

      Time: 2019-11-14

      [Gade Chemical Network Enterprise News] Recently, German Evonik opened a new coating additive application technology laboratory in the Tuzla area in eastern Turkey, including a customer service center. Provide coating technology services to customers in Turkey and the Middle East.

      The laboratory facilities are advanced, including spray booths, aging test chambers, etc., which can meet customer needs in coatings and ink applications. In addition, laboratory technicians can more efficiently carry out formulation design, application, analysis and testing of various water-based, solvent-based, radiation-curable coatings and inks.

      Gaetano Blanda, Evonik's Coating Additives Business Director, said, "The opening of the new laboratory strengthens our business strength in the region, extends our market reach, and enables us to provide customers with faster technology in product development and application. Service and product solutions. "

      Evonik recently completed the acquisition of the aerochemical functional materials business, thus becoming the world's main supplier of coating additives. Resin, nano resin, etc.

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