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      Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.


      GMA Resins

      Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
      SA550 Matting agent (GMA resin) □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ Epoxy value is about 700 ■ The lowest gloss<5%(60°)<br> ■ Excellent weather resistance and anti-yellowing
      SA580 GMA matting resin □ Premix with binder before extrusion<br> □ Epoxy value approx 650 ■ Gloss range 1-10%<br> ■ Fine and smooth levelling<br> ■ Excellent impact and bending resistance
      SA300 GMA resin □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ Epoxy equivalent value is about 300 ■ Increase the cross link density <br> ■ Improve the mechanical strength and heat resistance,chemical resistance


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